ARNF - Puja

Puja b. 2008 is the daughter of Rajendra and Rita from North East Nepal. In 2014 Puja was admitted as a boarder with the first month of tuition paid 
on admission. The parents have never come back to visit their daughter since that day.

The father is a violent alcoholic and drug user. Puja's mother works hard as a rickshaw driver in the city and cannot look after her child and has pleaded the directors to keep her safe at the school. She has been a full boarded ever since.

After a couple of difficult years during which she was withdrawn, Puja is now blossoming and growing in confidence. We can all see that the damage from her past has left traces but we are all, including her, working on the deep healing that will free her as an adult.

She is bright and very studious with great marks and results. A popular girl at our school, she loves music and gymnastic and is getting worrying good at martial art. She is a ray of sunshine.

The Alain Rouveure Nepal Fund

UK Registered charity No. 1166353

" Most of us would like to help those less fortunate than us
achieve goals that, we in the West, take for granted, like Health and Education. "

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