ARNF- Anish Tamang

Anish b. 2008 is the eldest child of Amrit and Sangita. Amrit's family home is several hours from Kathmandu way up on the ridge of mountains looking at the Himalayas. Like in most rural places, there is little work and Amrit has been working as a guest house door keeper in the tourist area on a pittance for years. Alain has known him for many years and always brought toys and clothes for the children.

To avoid his son from following his father's predicament due to his lack of education, Amrit had admitted Anish to a local school. This took up most of the small earnings. One day, because Amrit’s father was sick, he had to stay at his home two days. This lost him his job. Negotiating with the landlord achieved nothing. We were brutally told that for each position, there are at least two hundred applications... Amrit had already been replaced. The little Anish would have to be taken out of school.

This situation is of course not uncommon, but Alain knows only too well that the only way you can improve someone's life starts through education, the Nepal Fund is now sponsoring the little boy.

Anish is still a Boarding Student in a small town near his parents home, which means that the family is able to get together regularly. He is a star student with excellent grades. A gentle boy, Anish is growing into a responsible boy who loves IT studies. The family does not need to worry about a son who, when time comes, will no doubt help it.

The Alain Rouveure Nepal Fund

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achieve goals that, we in the West, take for granted, like Health and Education. "

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