ARNF - Anu Thapa Magar

Anu b. 2008, the eldest daughter of Chanda. The family has another small girl and smaller boy and come from the remote and very poor district of Ramechap in the west.

Following the terrible earthquakes of 2015, the family lost the home and the land that just about made it self sufficient. Following this trauma the father started to drink and became violent. He eventually left his young wife and children without trace to fend for themselves. 

Chanda and her children went to the husband’s family for help but were pushed out. She then travelled away and settled in a small village working as a farm labourer trying to survive. Close friends of Alain living in this village helped the vulnerable family as much as they could, but were in serious difficulty as, they too, had lost their home and part of their land.
Anu is in full education as a boarder and the family moved at Namo Buddha School where they are all safe. Chanda works as one of the maintenance and child caring staff.

Anu is growing into a very beautiful and more confident girl. After a couple of difficult academic years when she had to do some major catch up, Anu is now glowing with very impressive exam results. Still a little shy, she is non-the-less a popular student at school with many constant friends. She enjoys dance and martial arts.

The Alain Rouveure Nepal Fund

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" Most of us would like to help those less fortunate than us
achieve goals that, we in the West, take for granted, like Health and Education. "

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