Barsha and Kapil

ARNF -Barsha Gole and Kapil GoleARNF - Barsha Gole and Kapil Gole

Barsha b. 2009 and her small brother Kapil b. 2012 come from a poor and remote area of Kavre district. Their 31 years old father died of sudden a heart attack in September 2017, leaving his old mother, young wife and children in a very vulnerable situation. The situation got even worse when the young mother left one morning to work in the field and did not come home. She never returned and left no trace, hoping to survive in a new life without dependents with another partner, like many abandoned or widowed young women.

The old lady, having heard about Alain’s social work with vulnerable children, walked many hours to our school and pleaded for her grandchildren to be saved from a predictable future of desolation and possible child trafficking, like many children in similar circumstances.

Barsha and Kapil are now safe and full boarders at Namo Buddha School. They have been taken in by the other children we sponsor, like members of a mottled family. They are now playing and singing again and we are helping the grandmother as much as we can.

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