ARNF - Roshan

Roshan b. 2003, son of Padam and Basanti, comes from a broken home in East Nepal. The father did not tell the whole truth when he admitted Roshan to Namo Buddha School in Etay village in April 2012 with one month deposit for the tuition. 

We know that Padam has a serious drink problem and that he used to regularly beat his wife and son. Since Roshan's mother left home in 2012 and now lives with another man somewhere unknown, the father is incapable of looking after the boy.  He registered his son and simply abandoned him. The father has never come back to pay for the child’s studies nor visit him once since. 

The ARNF has taken all responsibilities for Roshan’s education, health and welfare, and although lacking confidence at the beginning, he is growing into a very beautiful soul.

Roshan, like the other abandoned children Alain sponsors and mentors, need special attention as they are still hoping for the parents to turn up any day and silently bare guilt feelings for the abandonment.These particular children have no homes to go to during holidays but are kept happy and safe at the Boarding School Alain works with.

Roshan has had some difficult years to get over when dicipline was not on top of his agenda. Despite this, his academic education slower than expected at first, has proved excellent. Roshan has grown into a strong, dependable and loving young man.

He is a popular student at our school, likes reading and like most boys, loves football and volleyball, winning trophies for his House.

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